Globally Compliant Formulas

As a leading supplier of both packaging and cosmetic formulas, we often get a lot of questions about formula and ingredient compliancy.

Many times, we have customers who come to us looking for ingredients and formulas that are “globally compliant”. Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee global compliancy with all products. Ingredient regulations change constantly in global markets and there are so many different markets around the world, that it would be extremely difficult to know if a formula complies with each one at any given time.

In order to ensure your product will be accepted into different markets, it’s best to plan ahead and know which countries you plan to sell your formula in and make sure it is compliant for those markets. Most brands that sell globally will hire a safety assessor to check their ingredient decks and make sure their product is appropriate to sell in certain countries. Keeping your point of sale in mind is always helpful when developing new, innovative formulas for your brand.

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