Eyeliner is one of the most important and popular cosmetic products today, but did you know that it was likely the first cosmetic ever invented?

In 10,000 BC in Egypt and Mesopotamia, eyeliner started out as a black paste created from minerals and water, it was then applied to the top and bottom rims of the eye with a stick. There was also kohl eyeliner which was made of galena and lead and considered a precious commodity. For ancient Egyptians like Cleopatra and even King Tut, eyeliner was worn to extenuate beauty, but also as an antibacterial and was believed to protect wearers from the evil eye! Eyeliner was considered a status symbol and was worn by both women and men.

history of eyeliner

During the 1920s the Great Gatsby era, eyeliner again became a fashion statement. Women were more independent and applying makeup became a source of expression. Women imitated the classic silent movie stars like Louise Brooks who used their black rimmed eyes to express their emotions. In the 1950s liquid eyeliner was invented. This invention inspired a new cat eye look for eyes. The cat eye was created by extending eye liner beyond the upper eyelid into little wing shapes creating a larger, sexier eye. Silver screen goddess’s like Marylyn Monroe and Sophia Loren made this look popular and inspired everyday women to be more glamorous. The 1960’s brought with it pop art, London chic, bright color and graphic patterns. Make up influenced by art and fashion supplied bolder colors and more defined shapes. Super Model Twiggy was a fashion icon and her famously exaggerated mod baby doll eyes became all the rage.

Today’s eyeliners come in all colors, formulas and styles and remain one of the most fundamental and expressive of all cosmetics.

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