Tubes, bottles and jars are common components in the beauty industry. They can contain anything from your favorite night cream to your daily toothpaste. Containers are rarely given a second thought, but in many cases they are made up of specific ingredients to protect the integrity of the formula inside.

One commonly used material is EVOH (ethyl vinyl alcohol copolymer) this is one of the most effective materials you can use to safeguard a product. EVOH is a co-polymer with outstanding barrier properties to gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and helium with a very low permeability.

Some of the benefits of using EVOH with your product include the following:

  • EVOH has a higher efficiency barrier compared to PET (which is commonly used in drinking water bottles) or PVDC (which is prone to absorbing visible light and color changes to a transparent brown) materials.
  • Great barrier against flavor and aroma permeation
  • Highly transparent, weather resistant, oil and solvent resistant, flexible, moldable, recyclable, and even printable.
  • Easily used as a film, layer or co-extruded into a PE or PP resin (used into tubes, bottle or jars)
  • Currently used as the best barrier for SPF, whitening, oil, BB creams and volatile base formulas

The downside to EVOH is that it is very expensive. To counteract this, it is usually co-extruded or laminated as a thin layer between cardboard, foil, film or plastics. When used with blown extrusion processes, EVOH is always coextruded with PE, HDPE or PP.

Because PP and PE have a poor gas barrier, but are a good barrier to moisture, they can be co-extruded together and will not only protect from moisture but also any gases.

When it comes to packaging and safeguarding formulas, there are many different barriers that can be used, like EVOH. Contact us and let us answer your questions and help you find the right package for your product.

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