When decorating custom packaging for your brand, the world is your oyster. Decoration can provide a completely different look to the exact same component.

For example, the same tube can be decorated in a variety of different ways to show brand or demographic differentiation:

Brand differentiation

Tarte StilaLorac-Eye-Marker

Demographic differentiation


Choosing decoration techniques can be overwhelming! Below is an introduction to different decoration techniques to help you decide on the perfect look for your brand.

In-Mold Decoration

When plastic components are created they are molded. There are different ways that the plastic can be created that will create different looks in the final molded product.

Colored Plastic

To add a pop of color, choose a color for plastic! For colored plastic, pigments are added to the resin. Colored plastic can be done in transparent or opaque to get two different looks.

Coored Plastic

Metallic Plastic

A colored plastic can also have metallic pigments added. The one concern with metallic plastic is that flow lines can be seen, which show how the melted plastic flowed into the mold.


Spray And Coating Techniques

There are a variety of techniques that can be done on plastic and metal components that can give a different finish to the look of a component.

Metallic Finish


Anodizing is a treatment that is done to metal to create colors. Sometimes this method is used to create a color customization on makeup brushes.


Vacuum Metallization (Also known as Vac Metallization or Vac Met)

Vacuum metallization is a process done to plastic where a thin layer of metal is applied to the component. The end result is a look that mimics the look of metal.


Textured Finish

Metallic / Pearl Spray

A spray coating can be added to components to give an even metallic or pearlized finish.

Stila Silver

Matte Spray

Metallic or a pearilzed look isn’t your cup of tea? A spray coating can be added to components to give a matte finish.


Frost Spray

A frosted spray coating can be added to clear components to give a soft, frosted finish.


Soft Touch Spray

A spray coating can be added to components to create a soft, smooth finish.


UV Coating

A shiny, glossy spray coating can be added to components and unit cartons to protect the component and create a high shine.

melt packaging

Printing Techniques

Silk Screen

Silk screen is a printing process that is done in one color per pass. The process is normally used for non-metallic colors. It can be done on both components and unit cartons.

stila foundation

Hot Stamp

Hot stamp is a printing technique in which a metallic foil is stamped onto the item to be decorated. It is done one color at a time. It can be done on both components and unit cartons.


Offset Printing

Offset printing is a technique used to print multiple colors on a component at one time. This process is typically done on components.


CMYK Printing

CMYK printing is a four color printing process used to create an array of colors on one item. CMYK printing is typically used on unit cartons and paper palettes.



Choosing decoration techniques can be hard and confusing, but with the help of one of our sales reps, you can achieve a unique look for your brand. Give us a call and you will be on you way to a customized decoration that is perfect for your product and brand.

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    Hello Melissa! We're glad you found our blog to be helpful. Thanks for the comment!
  2. Melissa Young - Jun 15, 2014
    Great blog!! The first and best decoration that you add to a cosmetic product is packaging. And then comes the labeling. If both these are done perfectly, sure it will create a nice impression in people. And now I could see the tools that are used for these purposes!! Thanks a lot :-) The companies that offer great cosmetic packaging works are now trying to fetch out new brilliant ideas in packaging. We will wait and see the innovations!
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