We’ve seen it all. The alphabet craze took the world by storm in 2013 and continues to be a trend today. But with all of the BB, CC and DD creams, does anyone really know the difference between them?

BB Cream

BB, or Beauty Balm, cream was the first of the bunch to break out into the cosmetic and skincare industry. BB creams originate from Asia and is meant to be an all-in-one moisturizer. It’s considered a beauty balm because it primes and moisturizes the skin, while protecting with SPF, as well as hydrating and smoothing out your skin. BB was the cream to reach popularity, because it offers a light tint coverage to look flawless, versus caked on.

CC Cream

There have been many names given to CC cream. Correct and cover and color correct are among the two. Like it’s name states, the main difference between BB and CC cream is CC creams ability to cover imperfections like a concealer, while also providing anti-aging properties and correcting skin color tones. The great part about CC cream is that it has a lightweight texture. Who doesn’t enjoy more coverage without a caked on feel?

DD Cream

We all knew this day was coming. The alphabet craze has continued and we have finally gotten a DD cream. This distinguish and diminish cream is supposed to be the “Do all” of creams, while having a smooth finish. DD cream is also sometimes considered a Daily Defense Cream that provides more skincare properties to protect against SPF, balancing uneven tones and preventing moisture loss.

What do all of these creams have in common? They’re all multi taskers that can shorten your beauty routine! Whether you’re looking for a basic multi tasking foundation/moisturizer, don’t get lost in the sea of alphabets! Here at Roberts, we can help you find the right formula for your product. Give us a call today and we can help ease your confusion.

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