What is your eyeliner preference? With so many different options and formulas, the decision can become confusing. Lucky for you, we’ve prepared a guide!


Gel Eyeliner Pencil

(non-retractable and retractable)

  • Easy to apply – smooth creamy texture
  • Can be applied in a crisp line or smudged to create smoky effect
  • Available in intense bold metallic and matte shades
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Long wearing
  • Great for beginners
  • Note: even though this is not a wet formula, it requires some dry time to set


Liquid Eyeliner pen

  • Precise line sizes from fine to bold
  • Glides on smooth and easy
  • Dramatic intense solid color (not available in metallic)
  • Long wearing and dries down quickly
  • Great for beginners with easy control
  • Cannot create smudge effect


Crayon Eyeliner

  • Dry smooth texture – sets fast
  • Intense color, easy to use
  • Create bold cat’s eye look or smudge to create smoky eyes
  • Easy for beginners


Pencil Eyeliner

  • Requires regular sharpening
  • Firm texture may tug at the lids
  • Easy for beginners
  • Can be smudged for smokey eye effect


Dip Style Liquid Eyeliner

  • Available in intense colors, including metallics
  • Beginner will need practice
  • Can create fine lines to bold cat’s eye effect
  • Long wearing
  • Cannot create smudge effect

With so many eyeliners in the market, it can become confusing to know which eyeliner is right for you. Have more questions? Call us today to learn about each formula and our turnkey service!

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