When it comes to compacts, there are many options. Whether it’s shapes, pan size or overall size, the material is one of the most important factors. Plastic has always been the prime material of choice for compacts, but as of lately, paper compacts have gained popularity. Not sure which option is best for you? Lucky for you, we have a comparison below!


Paper Compacts

Paper compacts can be used for eye shadow, foundation, lip gloss/ lipstick can come with a brush and/or a mirror for the application of the makeup. In today’s world many people are going green and are trying to build their lives around being as eco-friendly as possible. With that being said, as time progresses there will be more demand for paper compacts. A paper compact mainly comes in square-shaped compacts with various compartments that usually have magnetic closures to protect the product. Traditionally, paper compacts fold together like a normal compact, but paper compacts with multiple layers are now emerging in the beauty market.


Plastic Compacts

Plastic compacts, whether round, square, or rectangle with a snap closure have been a part of the cosmetic industry for decades. These particular compacts are carried in purses, suitcases, brief cases etc. and have the ability to last for years. Plastic compacts are highly in demand and are preferred by many customers. Plastic is mainly preferred due to its ability to protect the product, while a paper compact can become the victim of water damage.

Picking a type of compact and material is an important part of product development. Here are Roberts, we work with you to find the best solution. Contact us today to learn more about various materials, and our turnkey service.

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