A sponge soaked in foundation in a compact?! That’s right! Cushion foundations have been deemed the next hot beauty trend by beauty Youtuber Michelle Phan, and  have been around for years in Asia with a huge cult following. Don’t be quick to cast this off as just another foundation; cushion foundations are actually very versatile.

Like it’s name states, cushion foundations are applied with a puff that is pressed into the cushion, and then tapped/applied onto the skin. The application technique of patting the formula onto the surface of the skin, instead of blending in, is much healthier for the skin and keeps the dewy finish visible throughout the day. The sponge/cushion is an important part of the product, because the sponge keeps and maintains the moisture level of the foundation. This special formula contains a high water content, that leaves the skin looking dewy and fresh. The cushion is protected in an airtight inner compact to preserve the moisture in the formula, for an always perfect application.

For a compact, cushion foundations pact in a lot of benefits. It’s been praised as a 5-in-1 product that caters to a woman’s skincare needs. The benefits include:

  • Brightening
  • UV Protection
  • Moisturizing
  • Makeup
  • Skincare Serums
  • Cooling Effect
  • Sweat & Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Application
  • Natural application

Environmentally friendly? Most cushion foundations are packaged as refillable compacts. Once you have used up the entire product, you can simply pop out the cartridge and pop in the new one. This also allows you to be adventurous, because many different formulas can be filled into a cushion foundation.

With all of the buzz and benefits that a cushion foundation can offer, it’s no surprise that it’s slated to be the next big beauty trend. Thinking about adding a cushion foundation to your makeup line? Contact us today and use our turnkey service to customize the right formula for your brand.

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