Well Thanksgiving time has come. Here in Los Angeles, fall is marked not by the changing of the leaves but by the turning of the calendar. For the Roberts family, it was a time of giving. We partnered with FEED Projects, which is an organization committed to supplying food to children all over the world. Roberts was able to contribute enough to fund over 2000 meals! As Thanksgiving is only a couple days away, we can’t help but be incredibly thankful for the wonderful family and people that make up the Roberts Container company. Remember, like the day is so aptly named, give thanks, not just on November 27th but every day you can! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Everyone at Roberts digging into the delicious meals that everyone brought.


Our CEO giving an amazing speech.


Account Manager Christina showing off her FEED T-Shirt.


Our Purchasing Specialist happily displaying that we at Roberts were able to give 2,127 meals!

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