Do you dread putting on your foundation? Are you constantly worried about looking like a lizard or your foundation running down your face? These are all issues we face when choosing a foundation that will fit our skin type. Knowing your skin type is the first step in beginning the search for the perfect fit. Skin type specific primers are highly recommended to help with the application of your foundation and to keep it lasting all day.

Oily skin types should stay away from liquid foundations as many of them contain water and tend not to stay in place when oil begins to produce. The best foundations for oily skin are creams and powders. If using a foundation cream you will want to pair that with a good setting powder, preferably one that is talc free. If you prefer using powder alone, try to find powders that contain Amazonian white clay that will help absorb oil. There are even some powders that dual as a foundation and setting powder. Keeping a blotting powder in your purse for touch ups can ensure your mattefied look lasts all day!

For those of us who are on the drier side, begin with a good moisturizing cream followed by a primer made for your skin type. The best foundation texture for dry skin is liquid. This will keep your skin from looking dry as the day goes on. Cream foundations can also work depending on how dry your skin is. Although dry skin types should stay away from powder foundations, a light talc free setting powder will help lock in your flawless look for the day.

Mature skin types can greatly benefit from cream foundations, but are cautioned to stay away from powders, as they tend to sit in fine lines and creases. Cream foundations work best because they have a silky application, while providing the right amount of coverage without accentuating fine lines.

Since the introduction of BB creams, skincare infused foundations and new foundation application technologies, the world of foundations has tremendously expanded. Looking for innovative foundation formulas for your brand? Contact us today and let us match you with the perfect formula and/package for your brand.

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