10 Beauty Foods to Eat That Will Improve The Way You Look!

What if I told you beauty starts much deeper than what you put on your skin. It actually starts from what we put inside our bodies. So when we want to look great and are striving to look beautiful, we should grab certain foods to do the trick. These foods are complimentary to all the efforts you are already putting forth. These foods work from the inside out to make you look your best. You can eat your way to better hair, skin and nails. Here on 10 foods to add to your diet that are scientifically proven to make you more beautiful:

Poultry = Improves Hair Growth

Increasing your intake of chicken, turkey and other high protein foods will help your hair grow.

Acai berries = Clear Pores

Are clogged pores a problem for you? Try eating Acai berries! The antioxidants found in acai berries maintain blood flow and helps stimulate cell rejuvenation which makes your pores fresh and clear.

Dried Apricots = Evens Skin Tone

Putting on foundation evens skin tone, but wouldn’t it be nice to fix this problem instead of covering it up? Dried Apricots have lots of iron and iron is great for improving skin tone.

Citruses (with vitamin c) = Anti-aging Effects

There is no shortage of products that claim to help with anti-aging. Grab an Orange or any other citrus food rich in vitamin C and you will be eating your way to younger looking skin. The vitamin C helps generate the tissue collagen that gives our skin it’s elasticity.

Prunes = Strengthens Fingernails

Prunes aren’t just for your grandparents. They are known for their digestive qualities, but now the secret is out. They contain iron which can help strengthen your nails.

Flax seeds = Decreases Pimples

When it comes to fighting pimples, the struggle is real. We each have our trouble areas for bumps on our faces and a standard routine for how we get rid of them. Add in flax seeds to your diet to help reduce this common annoyance. Flax seeds contain an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids which help keep our hormones in balance and our face pimple free.

Garlic = Promotes Younger Looking Skin

Not just for keeping vampires away. Benefits of eating garlic can help us look younger by increasing cell renewal in our skin. Renewed cells equal younger looking skin. Some people avoid garlic because they are worried about bad breath, but because it can help make your skin look younger I say it’s worth eating. You can always brush your teeth or have some gum to curve the garlic breath.

Whole grains = Clear Skin

In addition to flax seeds, whole grains can help clear up your skin. Vitamin such as zinc and vitamin B help to heal acne.

Eggs = Strengthen Your Hair

Eggs are not just a staple breakfast food for most. It can help strengthen your hair because they are high in protein which aids in strengthening hair. Make time for eggs in the morning. It will be worth it.

Water = Enlivens the skin

I saved the best for last. If you only made one change after reading this blog, I would suggest starting with drinking more water. Water flushes the toxins out of your body and refreshes the skin. The benefits of water are endless. Aim for drinking at least 8 cups a day every day.

We already know that the products for our hair, nails, and skin work, but eating these foods in addition to your normal food regime will increase the results. All you have to do is eat! Easy enough, right? Some of these foods might already be in your everyday diet. Try adding in the above foods that you typically don’t eat and reap the benefits. Whoever thought beauty could taste so good!

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