Working in the beauty industry I am constantly trying new products and coconut oil has easily become one of my go-to products. When I find something that works I MUST share it.

Unlike most moisturizers, coconut oil does not contain water, but it has an extra dose of Vitamin E which plays a key role in keeping your skin moisturized and smooth. Coconut Oil soaks into your skin almost immediately but the nourishing and moisturized feeling can be felt all day long.

Three months ago, I purchased coconut oil to help keep my hair healthy. After using it one night and having extra coconut oil left on my fingers, I decided to use it on my dark and puffy under eye bags, which have recently become something I’ve been more concerned about.

After three months of applying a small amount of the oil to my under eyes, the bags and puffy skin are no longer a topic of discussion for me. The results are amazing, my family and friends all noticed the difference. I will definitely continue to use coconut oil as a part of my beauty regimen.

Tip: Add a little honey from your pantry to the coconut oil, apply it all over your face and neck in a circular motion, wait 5 minutes and with a washcloth wipe off gently with warm water just as you would with a wash off mask. You won’t believe how great your skin will feel.

With natural ingredients becoming the latest beauty trend, coconut oil has become a key ingredient in many skincare and cosmetic items. Here at Roberts, we work with you to create the perfect formula for your brand.

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