Why does lip gloss even exist? The “father of lip gloss” Max Factor invented lip gloss in 1928 to make lips shiny and glossy for films. He invented this shiny, slightly sticky lip creation specifically for actresses starring in black and white films to accentuate their lips. Originally lip gloss was called lip pomade.

Lip gloss has come a long way since its birth in 1928. It is now available in a variety of colors, flavors, scents, and finishes.


There are all sorts of different colors available to enhance your look. All the hues of the rainbow and more are available to tint and color your lips.


Not all, but some lip glosses are created with an added flavor. The flavors are limitless, often resembling fruits, candies or even your favorite ice cream.


Some lip glosses are scented and others are not, it is all dependent on the creator. Today, many scents are available with vanilla being one of the most popular.


There are about four main lip gloss finishes: creamy, matte, glossy, and stain. All of these different finishes have varied levels of color intensity.

  • Creamy – Very similar to a lipstick, creamy finishes fall somewhere in between glossy and matte. They have minimal shine with a semi matte look.
  • Matte – The exact opposite of a gloss, matte finishes add texture and gives the lips an almost suede like finish.
  • Stain – Typically a gel like formula that is fast drying. Stains combine the look of a creamy lipstick with the long wear of a stain.
  • Sheer – A combination of a subtle shine and a hint of color.

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