“Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now”. – Alan Lakein

Whether you are launching a new cosmetic or personal care product, the first step to ensuring its success is to fully understand the scope of your project.  What do you want to accomplish?  What is your end goal?  What are the deliverables, tasks and timing involved?  Once these have been determined, you’re on the way to set your plan in motion.

I’ve found that understanding the timing involved can be one of the most critical elements to your project’s scope and ultimately, the project’s success.  Start with answering the questions that many of your vendors will be asking you.

  • What types of product?
  • What are the key attributes? Formulas? Components?
  • Do you have a launch date?
  • When do you need your product shipped/delivered? 
  • How many?

Why are these questions important?  Your vendors want you and your project to be successful.  They will provide you key information that you need to incorporate into your overall timing along with consideration for feasibility and timing for their deliverables.

From there you will want to outline your project plan.  Have you identified all your deliverables, tasks and associated timing?  Did you factor in timing for Product Development, Product Testing and Manufacturing?  What are the steps involved? What is the timing? Who is responsible?

Ask questions!  Do you have enough information to move forward with your project?  Can you meet your project objectives?  Keep asking questions!  When you’ve clearly identified all of the elements of your project’s scope to include timing, you will have the information and resources to determine the project’s validity.  With proper planning, it won’t be a question of “Go or No Go”.  You will “Go” with success.

At Roberts, our excellent team of Account Managers and Coordinators are always here to help you figure out the best timing for your product launch. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts.

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