As a makeup artist one of the complaints I hear all the time is ‘I don’t know what my skin undertone is?!’ As frustrating as this can be, finding your true undertone can be pretty easy. First you need to understand that there are 3 different undertones, Yellow/Golden, Pink and Neutral. People who are very fair, have neutral or deep skin tones usually have the hardest time finding the right foundation shade.

Neutral undertones have a mix of Yellow/Golden and Pink. In the past, the majority of foundation lines didn’t carry many neutral shades, if any at all. Those at the extreme ends of the shade library also had no luck. Today, foundation lines have expanded, allowing more options for skin tones that range from very fair to very deep along with neutral shades.

Here’s how you can find your undertone and the perfect shade:

1. Find a shade in each undertone that is closest to your skintone and swipe each one down towards your jawline. This is what to look for:

  • If you are a pink undertone- the neutral shade will turn slightly yellow and the yellow shade will be apparently more yellow
  • If you are Yellow undertone- the neutral shade will turn slightly pink and the pink will be apparently more pink
  • Neutral- the pink and yellow shades will be noticeably more yellow and pink while the neutral tone will melt away into skin

2. Once you know your undertone, choose 3 consecutive shades closest to your skin tone and repeat the jawline swipe test. Whichever shades disappears into your skin tone is your perfect shade!

Looking to expand your brands foundation line? Contact us today and one of our Account Managers can work with you to color match and formulate shades to fit every undertone and skintone.

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