One of the central objectives for any brand is to stand apart from competitors and make a unique, authentic and above all emotional connection with consumers. In the beauty business, after the core product there is no more important element than the packaging for making this connection. In fact, many consumers often actually think of the packaging when considering a given brand.

When a commitment is made to new packaging, it makes sense to carefully consider all possibilities. The team at Roberts are experts at guiding you through our extensive array of standard packaging (Packaging that already exists) and decoration choices. However, there are some additional options that you can consider to make the most of your opportunity.



Some cite color as 80% of a brands identity. It is the first thing a consumer sees when viewing packaging in a retail environment. If you have not developed your brand identity yet, ask yourself: if I could pick only one color for my brand what would it be? Make this the main color of your component. Once you have decided on this fundamental color – pick 2 more accents and decide how they would be implemented in terms of imagery and/or typography. Keep your color story as simple as possible while effectively representing the uniqueness of your brand.


Standard or Custom

The next element that a consumer sees is the package’s shape. It should come as no surprise that Packaging companies sell more Standard Packaging rather than custom (packaging that requires development of manufacturing tools) because developing the means to produce packaging can be significantly costlier than the components themselves.

However, one cost effective approach brands can use to stand apart shape wise (structurally) is to replace a single component on a standard package to give it a unique brand feel. Often this will be the most visible part of an item such as a cap or a lid. Roberts are structural design experts and can work with you to design this new element in the most effective way. Although this approach can open up exciting new possibilities, it should be noted that the time to produce the package will be increased.



The next important element in your package is decoration. While the “bread and butter” deco techniques such as screen prints and hot stamps are staples for good reason, there are a number of alternative methods that may serve your brand even better in certain circumstances.  Ask us about some of our innovative decoration techniques such as water transfer, heat transfer and direct digital print.

Hopefully some of these tips will inspire you to make the most of your next packaging investment!


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