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Nowadays, our lifestyles are so busy, that we sometimes don’t have free time to relax, let alone take care of our skin! Our skin needs some TLC to achieve and maintain that healthy natural glow. A good skincare routine is essential, and easier than you think. With just 5 minutes a day from the comfort of our own homes, we can achieve that beautiful glow and see results within days! The 2 most important steps of a skin care routine are: Exfoliation & Hydration.


How often? Every other day.

When old skin cells build up on the surface of our skin, it can leave our skin looking dull, rough, dirty, and dry. Not only that, but the buildup of dead skin cells will result in excess oil, clogged pores, leading to black heads and acne. Gross!

Did you know that using soap alone isn’t enough to remove these dead skin cells? Proper and regular exfoliation is a must! It will remove the barrier of dead skin cells clogging our pores, and reveal fresh new healthy, dewy and glowing cells. Exfoliation will open the way for moisturizers to penetrate more deeply into our skin, which makes them more effective. Otherwise, we’re wasting our money on moisturizers!

It’s best to choose natural exfoliates. Look for ingredients with finely grounded walnut or almond powder. Be gentle when you scrub, and make sure to apply on wet skin; a light touch in circular motions is all we need to slough off the dead skin. If you have open acne or dry skin, limit scrubs to only once a week, and look for night gels with AHA’s and fruit derived enzymes.


How often? Every day and night. No skipping!

Here are a few reasons why we need to make moisturizing part of our daily routine:

1. We will develop more wrinkles if we skip using a moisturizer.

That’s right. Skipping moisturizer will cause dehydration, and lead to wrinkles. Dehydrated skin will ultimately lead to the breakdown of collagen and accelerated aging. To prevent dehydration, make sure to apply moisturizers every morning & night!

2. Skipping moisturizer will cause our complexion to appear dull and flaky.

Dehydrated skin means your skin is stripped of its natural oils, lipids, and collagen, which are part of the skins protective outer layer, so irritants can enter more easily and cause redness and flaking. Not a good look!

3. Skipping moisturizer will make acne worse.

Sounds counterintuitive, but moisturizer really is our friend if we have blemishes. Dryness can actually make our acne worse. If we’re afraid of feeling too greasy, pick a moisturizer that’s an oil-free, fragrance-free, noncomedogenic moisturizer along with an anti-acne regimen.

4. Your makeup won’t look flawless if you skip moisturizer.

You know when you apply foundation and your skin looks cakey, and those little lines under your eyes where your concealer creases? Those will look worse if you don’t hydrate your face before applying makeup. Makeup sticks to dry areas on the skin and even seeps into fine lines! It’s best to apply moisturizer, and wait about five minutes before using foundation so your moisturizer or primer can properly absorb.

Now that we understand the importance of regular exfoliation & hydration, keep these simple tips in mind:

  • The best time to apply moisturizer for maximum absorption is when your face is still damp from washing it.
  • Think of your skin like a fish’s scales. Applying moisturizer in upward circular motions will allow your skin to absorb all of its nutrients.
  • Drink 8 cups of water a day. Hydration from the inside will help your skin stay plump.
  • For an added bonus, look for a Vitamin C serum to apply under your moisturizer.
  • Invest in a water filter for your bathroom sink to soften the water you use to wash your face with. The less calcium & harsh water that touches your face, the softer your skin will feel.

Make it a goal this year to make exfoliation (every other day) & hydration (every day & night) part of your regular routine.  You owe it to yourself. Self love!

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