Makeup products to even out skin tone and complexion

Which formula finish do you use? With all the choices out in the market today, it can get complicating. But we’re here to help! We crafted this nifty guide to different makeup finishes to help find the perfect one for you!


Cream formulas are usually oil based, somewhat hydrating and will not dry out your skin like a matte finish would.


Shimmer effect provides iridescent color and a shine finish.


Glitter can be broken out into the following 4 groups:

  1. Loose Glitter – Loose colored glitter does not have any pigmented shadow mixed in. This can be used alone or on top of your eyeshadow
  2. Cream Glitter – Cream based formula with glitter, yup! That’s it! but it can get a bit challenging since it gets cake-y if it is not applied correctly.
  3. Pressed powder to cream glitter – Hybrid of powder to cream and glitter
  4. Loose pigmented glitter shadow – Loose glitter with eyeshadow pigment.


Matte finishes are unproductive of any reflective or shiny particles to appear more flat. Matte feels drier than other formulas, the best part is it’s long-lasting which is great for oily skin.


Metallic formulas are made by blending tiny specks creating a shiny glittery appearance. Metallics can work for anyone, just know which colors work best with your skin tone.


A pearl finish has a soft sheen and is not as pigmented as other finishes.


Satin is found mostly in lipsticks and looks extremely opaque and shimmery, but once it’s applied on, it gives a soft sometimes sheer, shimmery look.


Ultra-fine pearls that give a shimmery delicate glowing finish, giving you a natural and healthy look.

Looking for different makeup finishes to fit your product line? Please contact us and see our library of makeup finishes or let us design the perfect product for your brand.

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