The latest trends we are seeing in packaging is deco! How you decorate your package sends a message to the consumer and tells a story about your brand. Technology has come a long way in area of decoration, we can now create textures, 3D prints as well as print on uneven surfaces. Deciding on the right deco for your package in some cases has become as important as the formula it that it holds. First impressions can often sway the customer one way or another. Working with graphic artists that have experience with cosmetic packaging will help save you time and money when developing your artwork. This is especially true for smaller brands who don’t have a Marketing Team behind them.

Here are some new decorating techniques that are currently trending:

MAC x Mariah Carey MCizzle Lipstick

Photo Credit: British Beauty Addict

Textured Glitter Spray

Popularized by the recent MAC x Mariah Carey collection, the Textured Glitter Spray is an easy technique to add glitz and luxe to any product. The textured glitter spray is an additional deco step that will affect timing and price and is typically sprayed on top of the molded component. Want glitter without the texture? The choice is yours!


Photo Credit: Paper And Print

Digital Printing

Digital printing has simplified production timelines and increased deco capabilities. Digital printing works the same way a printer connected to your computer would work. This eliminates the use of printing plates and cost, while some are saying that it utilizes less ink thank traditional deco printing with plates.


Photo Credit: Swatch & Review

Water Drop Effect

The Water Drop Effect adds texture and appeals to the sense of touch. Paired with a metallic finish, it’s easy to recreate the look of water. This effect is becoming popular within the skincare category and is perfect for any hydration or water based product lines.

For more information about deco techniques and which methods are best for your brand, contact us today and one of our Account Managers can assist you.

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