So you’ve selected the perfect component, chose the perfect color, and now it’s time to create your artwork/logo. Your logo not only speaks to your brand and tells a story, but it is one thing that will appear on all your products and packaging. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating the perfect logo for your brand

  1. Material

    The logo will be printed on paper and an array of different plastic materials as your brand grows, keeping it simple will ensure fewer issues down the line

  2. Registration

    When using the silkscreen and hot stamp printing process, remember that there is a registration tolerance. Your deco can move +/-.05mm up, down and left to right. By keeping your logo clean and simple, and by using one color, it will help avoid running into aesthetically unappealing registration issues. Size is another thing to consider, there is a minimum to how small your artwork can be and how small a space you have to print on.

  3. Color

    When choosing a color, keep in mind that your products will usually be made by different factories. If you use a custom color, you will always need to color match to make sure your line stays consistent. If you decide to have your logo in a shiny or metallic foil, your overall cost will most likely increase. Another thing to consider is passes. Some components can only be printed with a one-color pass, so it is important to create a logo that is still visible with one color.

  4. Testing

    Be sure to perform user testing as well as compatibility with your formula and deco. Sometimes the formula gets on your hands and transfers onto the deco and can eat away your logo and making your package blank and unbranded.

  5. UV coating

    If you feel you need some extra protection on your deco or prefer to give it a longer life, you can add an UV coating to it. This coating prolongs the life of your deco and can help keep it protected from harsh formulas.

Hopefully these tips will help you strategize your designs when creating a logo or artwork. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives can assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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