We recently sat down to chat with Steve Corsi, Director of Design, Development and Innovation here at Roberts Beauty to chat about the collaboration that led to the development of the Spring Eyeliner and its most recent award.

From Steve:

Roberts Beauty is honored to be recognized by  students at the Fashion Institute of Technology for best packaging innovation at  Make Up New York! Our winning Spring Eyeliner Pen is a result of our open collaboration innovation program which constantly seeks to reinvent the cosmetic packaging experience.

Roberts Beauty has long been the leading supplier of traditional flow-through eyeliner pens for the U.S. market. Although flow through pens can be made to work very well with formulas that have little variance in capillary action, when it comes to formulas with particulates, flow is often sporadic leading to a disappointing end user experience.

We wanted to provide the usability experience of our flow-through pens while delivering the exciting formulas offered by inkwell bottles. Our solution was to start with a bottle and simulate the pen-like application by incorporating a sleeve that auto-slides to cover the wand allowing it to be gripped like a pen for precise line work. The auto-sliding sleeve is housed within an enlarged cap and drops as the cap is removed from the bottle.

The key idea coming in a brainstorming session from Jacky Gunter our VP of Operations, went through 3 design iterations and 2 focus group sessions before we finally found the perfect balance of proportion, ergonomics and fill.

Once we shared the innovation with key accounts, more feedback led us to refine further; for example, in one meeting we learned that we needed to control removal of the bottle so that it cannot suddenly eject when opening the package.  Working in collaboration with our world class manufacturing partner Ying Shuo in Shanghai, we solved this issue by developing a clutching function engineered into the wiper to ensure a slow release.

If your brand is interested in our latest award-winning package design, please connect with one of our highly specialized Account Managers at sales@robertsbeauty.com.

The award-winning Spring Eyeliner.

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